When considering how you experience the world, one good starting point is NLP.  NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming.  It is the language of your mind.  It is an outcome-based therapy.  You know what you want the outcome to be, and with NLP, you use that knowledge to find the path to your goals.

Interestingly, NLP can also be used to have great communication with others.  Have you ever noticed some people “see” the world?  They say things like “I see,” “That looks good,” and “I can’t quite picture it.”  How about those who “hear” the world?  Or those who “feel” it?

You know someone who uses more words in one category or another, perhaps even yourself.  Here is a list of words for each type:


Another cue from NLP is eye accessing cues.  When you look up or down or left or right, without consciously thinking about it, you are giving clues to others about how you process the world.  This means understanding these movements can help your communication with others because you will understand what’s not being said.  We all have a preferred way of communicating that may be different from our preferred way of learning!  You may be a kinesthetic learner who needs that hands on work, but you may communicate mostly with visual words and eye movements.

The image below shows how most people’s eye cues can be interpreted.



The point of all of this listening and watching is to lead to better communication with others.  Also, by understanding our preferences, we can better understand and work with ourselves.

As always, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you need additional help!

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