Frequently Asked Questions

What is Health Harmonized Based on?

Health Harmonized is built on the foundation of Traditional Naturopathy.

Naturopathy is an art, philosophy, and science and, as the mother of all healing arts, is the oldest known and most widely used form of healing in the world.  Indeed, it is the basic platform of all healing and without it, any other healing art fails.  In truth, 65% of the world uses naturopathy as primary healthcare. 

The goal of naturopathy is to build your body so it is strongest it can be and to create an inhospitable environment for any disease.  In fact, disease is a result from the body’s own effort to preserve itself because disease only presents in a body that is out of balance. 

All drugless forms of healing are encompassed under the umbrella of naturopathy; including, but not limited to, herbology, nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork of all forms including basic massage and chiropractic, energy work including reiki, and even things like taking a walk and watching the sunrise. 

Naturopathy seeks to uphold Hippocratic principles including doing no harm, looking at a doctor as a teacher, seeking the root cause not the symptoms, and working with the whole person.  Naturopaths do not treat disease, we empower you to take back control of your health and wellbeing.  As such, naturopathy is a holistic approach to whole health.


Probably, Yes

I have worked with hundreds of clients over the last decade with a myriad of concerns, so probably or something similar.

While allopathic or modern medicine will look at your symptoms and give you a diagnosis of disease and a medication that addresses those symptoms, Naturopathy looks at the whole person, on an individual basis, to see what the root cause is for your symptoms.  Then a plan is formulated to best support your body. 

This means I am not beholden to using the same method for every body because I am focused on your body.



The body wants to maintain homeostasis or balance and heal itself. However, we often don’t give the body what it needs and haven’t been for years! This leads to a weakened state allowing for dis-ease to develop. Remember, you did not develop your symptoms overnight–it took months or years for your body to reach the point of showing you symptoms to get your attention.

The body is made to heal and regenerate itself. Health is not about just one area of life. With the right building blocks including food, air, sleep, mental state, light, air, and water we can accomplish a great deal. Yet many of us neglect one or more of these areas. Together, we will work to identify toxins that have affected your body, nutritional deficiencies, and negative memories and emotions that are stored in your body’s tissues.

There is always reason for hope.


You didn’t get here overnight and healing isn’t a magic pill or wand.

Remember, you did not reach this state overnight.  A general rule of thumb is it will take 3 months plus a month for every year you’ve been experiencing symptoms to fully allow the body to feel its best.

However, changes can occur quicker or slower.  Mostly, the timeline depends heavily on you and what you are willing to change.  You are the person making daily choices that lead you to dis-ease or health.  You are in charge and are responsible for your body, mind, and spirit.



Change is all about how badly you want to get from where you are to where you want to be.  I have found most people who don’t commit to themselves will not get the results they want.  So, rather than wasting your time and money, I help you decide if you want to make the commitment to yourself.  

For this reason, I do not offer single sessions other than the free Harmonize Your Health Strategy Sessions.


It is all about you

In our free Harmonize Your Health Strategy Sessions, we go deep.  We discuss you.  How you got where you are at.  What it costs you to stay where you are at in money, health, time, energy, emotions, etc.  Where you would like to be in a year or more.  We really take a look at everything going on to make sure we are a good fit.

Once we decide to work together, your monthly sessions will still be about you!  We will talk about what is going on with your health and what testing would be beneficial.  Using muscle response testing, I work to develop a plan for you to implement during the next month to help you reach your health goals.  Sometimes, we may work on acute issues like a cold or a sore throat.  Other times, we will focus on chronic issues to really bring you to the next level in your wellness.