“Summer is great for many things, but a focused cleanse isn’t usually best in summer.”

Summer Cleansing

I was asked recently by a client if summer was a good time to cleanse.  She is a teacher, and it is easier to do in the summer.  I felt like this is a good question to address for everyone.

So, is summer a good time to cleanse.  Generally, no  Summer and winter are not times the body is naturally releasing junk already.  Summer is great for many things, but a focused cleanse isn’t usually best in the summer.  In fact, it is often counterproductive to cleanse in summer.

With that said, there can be reasons to cleanse in summer, but it is usually only reserved for severe cases needing immediate attention.  Spring and fall are much more in rhythm with the natural order of things and are great times to cleanse. 

If you really want to do some things to help cleanse in summer, this article will give you some ideas of what I think is beneficial in summer.






One of the best things you can do in the summer is get outside!  I have talked before about how beneficial vitamin D is and how we can only get it from the sun (you can read more here).  While you are getting your daily or every other day dose of vitamin D, you could be outside gardening (so you can eat a rainbow you have grown yourself) or doing other things that can bring about sweating.

Sweating is a fabulous way to help your body detox through the largest organ of the body–the skin!  Many folk try to not sweat, but this does your body such a disservice.  Sweating is healthy, natural, and needed!



Eating a Rainbow

This is one that I say often–your diet is SO important.  No vitamin, herb, drug, or anything else will help your body more than eating real, whole, organic foods.

In the summer, we can start harvesting some of the food we have grown for ourselves even!  I know I am getting zucchini already and have lettuce and beets as well.  My peas and beans will be coming in soon, and I even have potatoes that will be harvested very soon.

Summer is a great time to enjoy new, fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Remember, building your body long enough will help it cleanse naturally.  So, summer can be a building time full of delicious, nutritious foods that are helping your body strengthen so it can cleanse in the fall.




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