“If I like cleansing my body so much, I must love a clean home!  While I do, I get there differently than I used to.”

A Healthy Home

Cleanliness is next to godliness, right?  If I like cleansing my body so much, I must love a clean home!  While I do, I get there differently than I used to.

Did you know all of those commercial cleaning products you use that smell so good (or not) are killing you and those you love slowly?

Woah, that is quite the statement!  However, we have more toxins in our lives than we ever have, and they are marketed as healthy.

If you want the in-depth for the ingredients, you can read our older post here.

In this post, I am going to offer alternatives!  I have jumped fully down this rabbit hole to making all my own things and have moved beyond that need to using things I am comfortable with and still making some things that are worth the effort to me.

The title might sound dramatic, but so many folks don’t realize they are steadily poisoning their bodies leading to diseases and death.




Where to get information

Sadly, there isn’t a site like the EWG Skin Deep for cleaners.  

It is much more convoluted to find information about the products we use in our homes.  

You can check out the EPA site and read detail sheets for each chemical (which is what I did in my older article).  




My Top Homemade Cleaners

Can you get a great clean using homemade products?  Yes!


  • All-Purpose Orange Cleaner:  Simply save your citrus peels (the freezer works well) until you have enough to fill a quart jar.  Then, add the peels and about 1 tsp of salt (to help pull out the essential oils in the peels) and allow it to sit overnight.  Then, you simply cover it with vinegar and let it sit for about two weeks (or longer).  Once it sits, you can use it straight for a stronger cleaner, but I find mixing it 50/50 with distilled water gives me the cleaning power I want without the potential stickiness it can have sometimes.
  • My Favorite Glass Cleaner (works well on electronics too): Simply add 1/4 cup rubbing alcohol, 1/4 cup white vinegar, 
    1 tbsp cornstarch, and 2 cups warm water to a spray bottle.  Shake well before using.
  • Vinegar Cleaner:  Simply add vinegar and distilled water in equal proportions to a spray bottle.  You can add in some essential oil of your choice (5-15 drops) to give it a different smell, but we do not.  This is another all-purpose cleaner we use daily.




Brands I Trust (for now)

These are brands I currently trust.  Now, even though I trust them enough to use them, I do reread the ingredients again before I buy any of them to see if anything has changed to where I am not comfortable.  After all, comfort does not equate to complacency!  Companies get bought and sold all the time and formulas change.  Make sure you are continually doing your due diligence.  


  • Ecover (dishwasher tablets and dish soap)
  • Charlie’s Soap (Laundry)




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