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Joyfully serving the community since 2013, Dr. Hartford has helped clients better their lives and the lives of their families with Naturopathy.

Generous Scope of Practice

Dr. Hartford works with people and pets of all ages.  From newborns to the elderly to the family fur-baby, all are welcome.

Highly educated

Dr. Hartford is a Certified Naturopath and Board Certified Naturopathic Doctor. She has additional training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Polarity Therapy, and Hypnosis.

Comprehensive Skill Sets

From evaluation methods to therapies to supplementation, Dr. Hartford has a medicine bag overflowing with tricks to help you and your family.

Conveniently located

Overlooking Ford Lake, Health Harmonized boasts a gorgeous, lakeside setting nestled between Ann Arbor and Canton with easy interstate access.

Industry Expert

Respected by peers, Dr. Hartford is the author of The Hartford Guide for NITE Practitioners, a professional guidebook for naturopaths.

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Dr. Ylona Hartford is a doctor, a dramatic soprano, a teacher, a hypnotherapist, a guardian mother to several furbabies, a wife, and a CEO.

I am Dr. Ylona Hartford. I am a board-certified naturopathic doctor specializing in assisting the entire family with their health as well as furbabies. I am also a professional opera singer. In working in the holistic health field for over a decade, I have helped thousands of clients of all ages and even species begin to own their own health and improve their wellbeing and to even heal from things like allergies and eczema to getting off dialysis and even eliminating brain cancer. I have also published a book used by other natural health practitioners and naturopathic doctors to help their clients.

Since becoming an ND, I have healed my own allergies, fixed my hypothyroidism, corrected my hypertension, overcome Lyme and chronic fatigue, ended my diabetes, lost over 150 pounds by focusing on health and not weight, had a VP shunt taken out (something they never do without putting another back in), and even beat the odds when that surgery had complications recovering back to full capacity when only 20% of people who have the complications I had ever return to a semblance of normal life if they even survive.

I feel truly blessed to have found the answers that eluded me so much of my life. I now fully claim sovereignty over my own health and am privileged to help others take back the reins for themselves.


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