“Get the conscious mind out of the way to see what the body responds to at a deeper level.”

Muscle Response Testing (MRT)

This is one of my favorite tools, and it is often overlooked by the mainstream.  This is really too bad as this tool can be utilized by EVERYONE!

I use this tool in every appointment.  I also use this tool daily.  My husband even uses this tool on a daily basis.  I even have a few amazing clients who use this in their psychology and coaching practices.


Because it is amazing to be able to get the conscious mind out of the way to see what the body responds to at a deeper level when we don’t influence the results with thoughts!  

My mentor said that MRT is 96% accurate.  I have found it to be at least this accurate when done correctly.



Some History

Muscle Response Testing is also sometimes called Applied Kinesiology.  A Detroit chiropractor named Dr. George Goodheart first found a correlation between a weak muscle using manual muscle testing and employing various chiropractic techniques to help strengthen the muscle and the body.

With this discovery, Dr. Goodheart looked beyond chiropractic medicine to the fields of osteopathy, acupuncture, biochemistry, biomedicine, dentistry, nutrition, and other methods to help increase the health and wellbeing of his patients using the body itself as a tool to diagnose and evaluate various information about his patients.

By asking, “Why is that?,” Dr. Goodheart was able to correlate many types of examination and treatment procedures into a unified method that he used even on his most difficult patients.





Ways to Learn More

Here is one of my information sheets about MRT that can help give you a start in learning this incredibly useful tool.  Health Harmonized – Muscle Response Testing


Self-Study Course

I love teaching people how to use MRT.  Sometimes, this happens in appointments.  Other times, it is easier done as a course you can take at your own pace.  If the latter is more your speed, you can purchase my course here!  https://l.bttr.to/TlpLj




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