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I am back

My apologies for being silent since January.  Nothing has been wrong, I just lost track of the time and realized today (May 9th) that it has been 4 months!

This picture was from Easter with my family and my extra family as pictured.  My mom, dad, and sister as well as my husband were all there too–this was just the one photo with me in it I could find!  It is with the men I call my brothers from other mothers.  Blessed!

I do plan to continue these articles as I know some of you really look forward to them.  Thank you to those who reached out to check on me–yes, I am here.  I am still recovering.  I am doing very well.  Much love to you.

I am going to commit to doing articles every other month for now, just to make sure I give myself the grace and space.  This means you can expect the next articles this year in July, September, and November.

As a teaser, I have some special news in July’s article, so stay tuned!



What IS Health?

As you might imagine, this is a question I get asked often as a naturopathic doctor.  It is also a frequent topic of thought and even conversation among my family and friends.  Now, just as a clarification, most of my friends are also naturopaths or in the natural health field, so we may be biased!

I will say, even those who are colleagues of mine do not all agree on a definition!  In fact, it is from some conversations with colleagues that brought me to ponder this today and decide to share it with you.

So what is health really?

This is a tough question.  Let me start by doing something that a friend and mentor of mine said to never do–define what it isn’t first!  So, health isn’t merely the absence of disease or sickness.  It absolutely does NOT mean you never get sick.  In fact, if you never get sick, I would argue you are NOT healthy.

Why?  Because you are not moving in the natural rhythms of this planet and your body!  We are meant to detox.  It is as natural as breathing in good air and breathing out wastes.  It is as natural as eating and drinking and eliminating wastes with urine and feces.  It is a cycle.






Health Is a Cycle

Yup.  It is.

But, Dr. Hartford, if I am healthy, then I shouldn’t feel awful.  

Well, not necessarily.  This is because detoxing can sometimes be uncomfortable.  We often joke in this field about the detox flu.  It isn’t just to be smarty pants (though that is fun too)!  It is because when you cleanse or detox, you can feel headachy, tired, uncomfortable, sniffily, and all other symptoms of having a cold or the flu.

However, it is natural and it is part of being healthy!

Think about nature and how trees, for instance, have a time of being barren, then they bud and bloom and flourish with verdure, then they change to those beautiful fall colors that indicate the cycle is changing, then they shed their leaves and go back to dormant and barren.

We are similar in our cycles.

This notion that never getting sick is healthy is a frightening one for me.  This is because part of being healthy is flowing with the cycles and through the cycles!  Most of our health issues are caused because we get stuck or try desperately to hold on to a season that isn’t here any more!

So, if you are one of those beautiful souls who thinks always feeling great means you are healthy, think about it again.  Getting sick is our body’s way of detoxing.  I am not saying you should be sick all the time nor should you get stuck there.  Again, it is about cycles and balance.  Ideally, I want myself and my family and my clients to get sick a couple of times a year.  They should get over it quickly too though.  A few days is good, even up to a week if you are really letting go of something.

So, next time you find yourself thinking you are sick and thinking you aren’t healthy question this!  Are you sick often or do you have long-term illnesses?  If you do, you might be stuck there and unhealthy.  However, if you get sick only a couple of times a year and get over it within a week then you are healthy!  And, again, if you are never sick… well, think about what you are stuck in and not letting go of.

Huge hugs!




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