What Is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is an art, philosophy, and science and, as the mother of all healing arts, is the oldest known and most widely used form of healing in the world.  Indeed, it is the basic platform of all healing and without it, any other healing art fails.  In truth, 65% of the world uses naturopathy as primary healthcare.  The goal of naturopathy is to build your body so it is strongest it can be and to create an inhospitable environment for any disease.  In fact, disease is a result from the body’s own effort to preserve itself because disease only presents in a body that is out of balance.  All drugless forms of healing are encompassed under the umbrella of naturopathy; including, but not limited to, herbology, nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork of all forms including basic massage and chiropractic, energy work including reiki, and even things like taking a walk and watching the sunrise.

Naturopathy seeks to uphold Hippocratic principles including doing no harm, looking at a doctor as a teacher, seeking the root cause not the symptoms, and working with the whole person.  Naturopaths do not treat disease, we empower you to take back control of your health and wellbeing.  As such, naturopathy is a holistic approach to whole health.



Why You Need a Naturopath

1. To Help Guide You

With all the information out there, it is easy to get overloaded and overwhelmed.  A naturopath has been trained in many modalities (meaning ways we can help you like herbs, supplements, bodywork therapies, energy work therapies, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, and more).  We then use non-invasive evaluation and assessment methods to determine what will work best for YOU.  Not for most people, not for someone who is similar to you, but for you alone.

Naturopaths help you navigate even the muddiest of waters to find your way to your best health.



2. To Get Results

We know we aren’t all the same.  Even standard allopathic physicians have dozens of drugs for the same conditions.  They will have you try something to see if it works for you and to see if you can handle the side effects.  If not, they try something else.  Naturopaths are trained differently.  We look at you the person, not your disease or condition.  We then are able to quickly narrow down possible solutions based just on that you are usually a cold person or a hot person.

Then, we have more tools to narrow results down to just what is good for you.  At Health Harmonized, we use muscle response testing extensively because it is quick, painless, and remarkably accurate.  With muscle response testing, we are able to find out what remedies and therapies make you stronger and which won’t.

This means quicker results!



3. To Save Time and Money

We have all done it.  You read about an herb or supplement that helps with your condition.  Excited, you rush out and purchase it.  Then, after trying it for a month or two, you realize it isn’t helping.  Disappointed, you look for the next sure thing.

This cycle can go on and on.  However, with a naturopath, you avoid the trial-and-error approach.  At Health Harmonized, you will leave with a program tailored to you of lifestyle and dietary changes, supplements, herbs, oils, flower essences, and therapies.  This plan has been tested to you.  When followed, you will get the results you are seeking.

By investing in naturopathic care, you have a highly educated person on your side to guide and teach you what your body needs to be healthy.  This allows you to save both your precious time and hard-earned money.



4. To Be Supported and Accountable

With any change, we will often stumble.  Sometimes, we don’t get back on the wagon for months or years.  Some of us never get back on the right path after veering off.

However, with a naturopath at your side, you have someone you are accountable to–someone who will cheer you on for all your progress and empower you to keep taking the hard steps.

Consistency is key.  It isn’t what you do some of the times that matters, it is what you do every day.  Stumbles and bad choices happen, but if you keep moving in the right direction, you will reach your goals.



5. Your Life May Depend on It

Do you know what the third leading cause of death is in the US?  Medical errors.  Shockingly, It falls just under heart disease and cancer killing an estimated 250,000 – 440,000 people each year.  Many of us fail to consider the risks involved with any conventional medical treatment.

These numbers aren’t just from surgeries.  It is from the prescription drugs given to “help” you.  However, these drugs do not address the root cause of any illness.  They are merely acting as bandaids to your symptoms.  This is why you will have to be on them for the rest of your life.

The good news is your body is designed to heal–if you give the body what it needs, it will self-correct.  Naturopaths recognize that any disease has more than just physical causes and can direct you to just the right program that will have you feeling better than you ever imagined.


In my opinion, naturopathy should be primary health care for everyone.  After all, why wouldn’t you want to constantly work to build your body to the best it could be with a program tailored to you?  The body is designed to heal, it just needs the right nutrition and tools.  That is what we do as naturopaths–help you learn what to give your body to heal.


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Note: Everything here is for information only. This is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Seek a qualified medical professional.


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