Planning, fertility, and pre-pregnancy consultations; pregnancy, childbirth, and early infancy assistance.  Your child’s health starts from your health, so set your baby up for a healthy future.

What is infertility?
Creating life—it is not something to be taken lightly, and for some people it seems impossible.  Reproduction is a basic function of our bodies.  About 11% of the reproductive-age population of women have impaired fecundity and another 6% are classified infertile.  Men and women are affected equally.  One-quarter of all infertile couples have multiple factors contributing to infertility.  In about 40% of infertile couples, the male partner is either part or the sole cause.  Irregular/abnormal ovulation accounts for about 25% of all female infertility problems.  More common in women who are blood type A, B, and AB.  There are stages of infertility from impaired fecundity to infertile.  We are biologically made to breed because we propagate the species by reproducing, thus it is not normal to be infertile.  Technically, infertility is defined as not being able to conceive after a year of trying.  If a woman does conceive and then miscarries or has stillbirths, it is still considered infertility.  After a year of having unprotected sex, about 15% of couples still cannot conceive.

What can be done?
From nutrition and health programs to rebuild your body to prepare it for pregnancy, to healthy pregnancy programs, to programs working to ease painful menstrual symptoms, to natural methods for preventing pregnancy, when it comes to your fertility as a man or woman, we are able to offer solutions.

Skype or Google Hangout sessions:
I do offer online sessions; however, they will not include all assessment tools since some only work in person.  These sessions will last 1 hour and will be billed at the same rate as followup appointments.  As with in-person sessions, especially when the issue is fertility, I like the opportunity to speak with the couple both together and individually.

Length of sessions and fees:
For all new clients, I offer a free, in-person or over-Skype meet & greet session.  During this session, I will explain what I do and who I am, let you know about some of the tools I use, and find out more about why you are looking to come to me.  These sessions last 15 minutes.  I have found these appointments are helpful so we are a good fit.

Followup appointments last 1 hour, generally, and cost $100.  A variety of evaluation tools will be used during these appointments.  Generally, I like to work with the couple both together and individually during fertility consultations.  Often, it is important to address both partners’ health to allow for the healthiest new life.  The choices you and your partner make now directly influence the lifetime health of your child.

Suggested programs range in price, but are generally under $200 and are comprised of practitioner-grade, customized supplements, lifestyle modifications, and other tailored action points.