“The phrase garbage in, garbage out holds true for our bodies too!”

The Importance of Cleansing

I have heard people ask why you need to cleanse or detox your body–it does it naturally.  Well, yes, a healthy body does this naturally.  This healthy body is fed the foods it is meant to have without chemicals, sugars, GMOs, and other additives.  This healthy body also exercises because it was meant to move.  It doesn’t sit at a desk all day or behind the wheel–its locomotion is bipedal and self-propelled.  It isn’t inundated with toxic EMFs like wifi and 5G.  It doesn’t inject or take oil-based drugs and things that the body wasn’t designed to have in it.

I know I don’t do all those, do you?

Spring is the perfect time to cleanse!  The same way you spring clean your home, it is a good idea to help spring clean your body.  The garbage you’ve put into your body (even if you eat very clean) needs to come out or it will affect your body.  The phrase garbage in, garbage out holds true for our bodies too!

It is time to consider cleansing!  Cleansing is the ultimate release and reset.  I am so passionate about this, I am offering a cleansing class soon.  This class will happen in either late April or early May. 

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How Do You Know You Need to Cleanse?

There are many signs letting us know our bodies are out of balance and could use help detoxing.

  • Brain fog
  • Easily fatigued
  • Dark bags/circles under the eyes
  • Feeling puffy or bloated
  • Allergies
  • Sugar addiction
  • Skin outbreaks/blemishes
  • Hormonal issues
  • Pain
  • Caffeine is necessary to survive your day
  • Loss of interest in sex
  • Loss of interest in workouts
  • Loss of interest, period
  • Parasites or yeast overgrowth


Detoxification Baths and Hand / Foot Soaks

The skin is actually our largest organ.  We can also absorb nutrients, chemicals, and other things through our skin.  We can also release chemicals, toxins, and other things through our skin.  Knowing this, it makes sense we could use bathing as a way to help our body detoxify.

Prior to bathing, dry skin brushing can help with the cell turnover rate in the skin and allow the body to more easily release toxins through the skin.

Here are three of my favorite detoxifying soak recipes:

  • Apple Cider Vinegar: Soak feet or hands in 1 cup apple cider vinegar mixed with water or bathe in 1 quart apple cider vinegar mixed with water.
  • Epsom Salt and Sea Salt: Soak feet or hands in 1/4 cup Epsom salt and 1/4 cup real sea salt mixed into warm water or bathe with ½ cup Epsom salt and ½ cup real sea salt in bath water
  • Epsom Salt, Bentonite Clay, and Yellow Dock: ½ cup Epsom salt, ½ cup bentonite clay, and 20 capsules of yellow dock in bath water

When You Can’t Cleanse, Build!

There are times you cannot or shouldn’t cleanse.  You need to be strong enough to handle a cleanse, and sometimes you just aren’t.  Women also shouldn’t cleanse while pregnant or nursing.

Also, if you build long enough, your body will cleanse itself with ease.  So, there is nothing wrong with simply building your body to help it cleanse.  Here are some easy things you can do:

  • Eat the rainbow of fruits and vegetables (10-12 servings daily)
  • Add 1 pinch of salt to every bottle or glass of water you drink
  • Use a quality multivitamin or dulse to help supplement (no, Centrum and Flintstones are not quality supplements)

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