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3/14/20 Please check out more information on how to strengthen your immune system in our More Coronavirus article.

3/5/20:  This is an updated article with more information that has arisen since February 1, 2020.

Newest information and the thing I think is  most important to note about this particular coronavirus is how it progresses and how it interacts with antivirals.

The phases of this coronavirus are (note, not all people will go through each phase):

  1. Viral replication (may have a low fever under 99 usually lasts 3 days)
  2. Immune hyper-reactivity (do NOT fight it with antivirals during this phase – it can cause a cytokine storm and kill a person.  This is particular to this coronavirus. May have a high fever.)
  3. Pulmonary destruction (think pneumonia for homeopathic remedies)

Pay particular attention to those using any ACE inhibitors as well as those using any histamine blockers (including Benadryl).  Because this virus seems to be mimicking an ACE inhibitor and affecting the ACE gene, persons already using ACE affecting drugs need to use caution.

Why histamine blockers too?  Having a nose that runs means the body is working to escort something out of it.  When your mucus membranes are dry in the nose, they are laid bare to infections taking hold.


As the reports keep coming from Wuhan and China and the CDC and president prepare to make announcements, it is important to remember we have been through this before.  The media whips us into a frenzy, the government gets involved, and, in the end, nothing much comes of the panic.  Remember the Ebola scare?  H1N1? Zika?  Mad Cow Disease?  Even the most recent one of the dreaded measles that was considered a standard kids’ disease until the recent last few years?  Let’s discuss a couple of truths before delving further into information about the Coronavirus specifically.



Your body is not actively looking for ways to betray you.

Your body is doing the best it can with what you are giving it.  Imagine your body as acting like your savings account.  When you do positive things like eating well, exercising, practicing self-compassion, meditating, following your ND’s program, and the like, you are making deposits and building up your health balance.

However, when you eat poorly, allow yourself to ruminate and stress out, spend no time in nature or exercising, don’t follow your wellness plan, and other health-demoting things, you are making withdrawals and depleting your health balance.

You may be thinking, but Dr. Hartford, I have known/heard of people who do everything right and still get sick.  That can be true.  Often, you think they are doing everything right when they are not.  Their healthy diet may not be what their body needs (for example, an O who is a vegan… it just doesn’t work) or their supplements are all low quality and really not doing anything (think Centrum and Flintstone vitamins for example).  Also, you do not know their inner climate.  Every disease has an emotional component.  Every. Single. One.  If we do not address these emotions, people become sick.  Further, what is their sleep like?  As we discussed earlier this month, sleep deprivation can undo everything you’ve done good.  Finally, consider their work and living environment.  Are they always attached to their smart devices?  Do they work in a high-stress job that isn’t life-affirming for them?

Our bodies want to achieve homeostasis or balance.  Illnesses indicate something is out of balance.  Sometimes, it is just the sign of a healthy immune system.  I actually believe people need to get sick once or twice a year (not very ill, but a day or so of a cold can be great to make sure you immune system is working and getting stronger).


Germs are not looking to conquer Mt. Everest.

Germs are opportunistic.  They are looking for the easiest land to call home.  Someone who has been doing everything right with their eating, exercising, sleep, relationships, internal work, etc is less likely to get ill with just anything.

However, create a weakened immune system with fear and anxiety…

We have seen this kind of health-related, pandemic propaganda before.  We have survived the fear-mongers.  The fact that you are reading this shows you are interested in natural health and have some additional resources to help yourself and your family.


Question Everything!

Please, question what I say as well.  We need inquisitive, educated people looking critically at the potential BS we are being fed to make a difference.  Just do your own research.  If you find you disagree with me, wonderful!

Look into the information from the CDC.  Look into information on particular Coronavirus (there have been many variations of coroaviruses for decades, there have even been vaccines entering the pipeline for them).  Look at how there are questions about the Wuhan level 4 bio lab possibly releasing (accidentally or not) the mutated virus.  Look at how there are articles about the military preparing here to forcefully quarantine possibly.

In short, get all the information you can.  Prepare yourself as you see fit.  Find the best ways to protect yourself and your family.

Could this particular Coronavirus reach pandemic proportions?  That’s a good question.  It seems doubtful we would see something like the Spanish Flu which killed 20-50 million people around the world while infecting an estimated 500 million; however, anything is possible.

If we do reach pandemic proportions, there are still things you can do.  However, spraying chemicals, forcefully quarantining people, and inciting panic are really not the answer.


Natural Ideas

Now that we’ve focused on some education and calming information, let’s look at what can be done to help protect you and your family from the coronavirus and other cold-and-flu-like conditions.

I don’t usually include herbs in these articles, but I wanted to include a few this time because I know people are nervous.

Herbs that are beneficial before infection to boost the immune system:
  • Elderberry (stop if you think you may be coming down with this coronavirus)
  • Echinacea (stop if you think you may be coming down with this coronavirus)
  • Peppermint

Let me know if you want my recipe for elderberry syrup.  I will also make some for people if the need/interest arises.

  • Ginger (especially tea)
  • Bone broth (with garlic and parsley)
  • Garlic
  • Oregano
  • Cinnamon
  • Thyme
  • Celery
  • Lemons
  • Pineapple
  • Dark, leafy greens
  • 2+ tbsp Healthy Fats daily (avocados, organic butter, coconut oil, olive oil, etc), probiotics, adequate pure water (1/2 your body weight in ounces a day (100lbs = 50oz))
  • AVOIDS: sugar, GMOs, wheat, dairy, alcohol, allergenic foods, caffeine, meat tenderizers, soy sauce, yeast extracts, MSG, non-organic foods, gluten, tobacco, hydrogenated oils, food additives, fake sugars (especially aspartame), coffee, fried foods, refined foods, table salt, processed/canned/frozen foods.
  • Vitamin C (liposomal)
  • Iodine
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • N-Acetyl Cysteine
Natural Therapies
  • Emotional Release
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Magnets & Polarity Therapy
  • Sound and Color Therapy
  • Lymphatic Drain
Other Help
  • Get with your naturopath or homeopath to figure out what homeopathic remedy you need.  These can be VITAL.  Homeopathy was highly successful in the Spanish Flu.  You need to get the right remedy for your symptoms and constitution.
  • That said, look at getting the book, The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza: Surviving Influenza Epidemics and Pandemics Past, Present and Future with Homeopathy, by Sandra Perko, PhD, CCN.  It has some great information and charts of symptoms and remedies.
  • Essential oils: Angelica, Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary,
  • Cell salts: Ferr Phos, Kali Mur, Nat Mur




I have a lot more tips and tricks in my naturopathc bag to help with the coronavirus and other viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, molds, and more!  Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you need further assistance.

Also, let me know if you have any requests for natural suggestions for other conditions!

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Note: Everything here is for information only. This is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Seek a qualified medical professional.

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