A holistic approach to health


Health is not a flower you just pick but a path you must follow.

Bessheen Baker


What is Naturopathy?

  • Mother of all healing arts
  • Oldest known form of healing
  • 65% of the world uses naturopathy as primary care
  • Builds the body to create an environment inhospitable for any disease
  • Restores balance to the body, mind, and spirit
  • Works with the whole person seeking the root cause
  • Offers hope, even in the darkest situations
  • Includes all drugless forms of healing—including, but not limited to, herbology, nutrition, homeopathy, bodywork of all forms including basic massage and chiropractic, energy work including Reiki, and even natural activities like taking a walk and watching the sunrise

Initial Consult – Free

I get it!  Investing in your health with someone unknown is a big, scary step.  This is why I like to offer a free initial consultation where we can meet and make sure we can work well together.

These appointments typically last 15-20 minutes and give you the chance to let me know what is going on and get to know me before deciding to work together.  

I can let you know if I feel I have anything to offer and you can see if you feel comfortable with me and what I do.

We can meet online on Zoom or we can meet at my office at The Sanctuary Chiropractic and Wellness Spa.


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Holistic Health Consultations

For new clients or clients needing more time or information, or a yearly update!

From digestive upsets to skin conditions to sleep disturbances to thyroid and kidney problems and more–if you are looking to get solutions to your health concerns, start here. These extensive, non-invasive health assessments combine several aspects of healing: herbology, muscle testing, stress reduction, diet and supplement suggestions, and more.

You will always receive a program customized for you to work until our next session.

These longer sessions last between two to three hours and cost $450.

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For established clients, these follow-up sessions adhere to a similar format to the longer sessions for new clients but last 90 minutes.  These sessions cost $180.


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Children and pets are special–neither can handle long appointments.  For children under 12 and all pets, appointments last 45 minutes and are $96 for both new and established clients. 

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The best “foot rub” you’ll ever have! These appointments work with the pressure points in the feet and the over 7,200 nerve endings in the bottom of each foot. Your feet are truly the foundation of your body.

30 minutes is $54 and 60 minutes is $96.

If you’d like hands and face points included, please book a 60-minute session.


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Energy Work / Reiki

Tesla said everything is vibration and energy. From meridian tracing to chakra work to Light Healing Touch to Reiki, Dr. Hartford has training in several energy modalities to create harmony and restore your sense of wellbeing.

Sessions last 1 hour and cost $96.

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Craniosacral Therapy

This light-touch therapy focuses on freeing up restrictions in the body that especially inhibit the flow of cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid bathes, nourishes, and reoxygenates the central nervous system and the brain and has a profound effect on our overall health and wellbeing.

Sessions last 1 hour and cost $96.

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Hypnosis Therapy

Guided hypnosis helps you achieve a trance state that allows you to make transformational changes at the subconscious level in all areas of your health and life.

Hypnotherapy has been found to help a whopping 93% of people in creating recovery in just 6 sessions.

Packages are required to schedule and include 3 sessions for $480.


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