Massage Therapy is the art of applying touch to the body with various pressures and techniques to bring about change in the body.  However, it is more than that.  Touch is vital to our health.  Without touch, we lose our connection to each other and ourselves.  This can allow dis-ease to take hold.

Massage Therapy works on a physical level to help with pain, tension, and structural integrity.  However, it goes even deeper than that.  Massage Therapy helps with all the body processes including oxygenation, circulation, and elimination.  It even helps the cells to use nutrients more effectively and release toxins.  Further, Massage Therapy can calm the mind and emotions relieving stress, improving self-image and self-worth, and even helping with better sleep.

Who wouldn’t want to include regular massage as a part of self-care?


What is offered:

Massage Therapy

  • 30 minutes for $40
  • 60 minutes for $75
  • 90 minutes for $110
  • 120 minutes for $ 145

These sessions can help you relax, relieve stress, alleviate pain, and realign your body so it can function at its highest potential.  A variety of techniques may be used including Swedish, deep tissue, neuromuscular trigger point, and lymphatic facilitation techniques.

Packages (for hour long session):
3 sessions for $210 ($70/session)


The Experience

  • Mini Experience – 60 minutes for $90
  • The Experience – 120 minutes for $175

Want to go even deeper?  We are proud to offer The Experience, Jesse Warren’s own technique using massage principles combined with energy work.  Using a variety of energy techniques including chanting, crystals, sound, Reiki, and other methods as Jesse sees fit, you will have a session that works on every level of your being from the physical to the energetic.  Consider trying this groundbreaking session today!



Looking to enhance any session?  Consider one or more of the following optional additions:

  • Color Therapy – $10
  • Hot Towels – $10
  • Herbal Rub – $20
  • Energy Work / Reiki – $15
  • Hot Stones – $20
  • Essential Oils / Aromatherapy – $20


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