For these remedies, I recommend 30X or 9C. These strengths are versatile for all acute (self-limiting) conditions.

In general, a dose should be 1-2 pellets taken 3-4 times a day until symptoms improve.

To choose a remedy:

The symptoms should match yours.  You do not have to match the remedy completely, but most of your symptoms should match the remedy.  For example, with aconite, a cold will come on suddenly.  There will be some anxiety or worry over getting sick.  There may be a sensation like there is a drop of water in the left ear (see Ears under aconite).  There is great sneezing but the nose may be stopped up (see Nose under aconite).  There is a croupy cough that is loud (see Respiratory under aconite).  Get the picture?

The name of the remedy is also a link to take you to a detailed list of the symptoms that can accompany this remedy.

The Remedies:

  1. Aconite: This remedy often has a sudden onset.  This remedy is great anytime there is a great deal of fear, anxiety, or worry over something.  Symptoms are worse when laying on the affected side, from music, from tobacco smoke, from dryness, and from cold winds.  Symptoms are better in open air.
  2. Apis: This is a great remedy for allergies and allergic reactions (you need a strong dose for reactions though, consult your naturopath or homeopath for more information).  Think about being stung by a bee–there is stinging, redness, swelling, itching, and burning sensations, right?  Well, this remedy addresses those things.  Additionally, there is often whining, tearfulness, and possibly apathy and indifference.  The person may be awkward and drop things readily.  Symptoms are worse from any form of heat, from touch, from pressure, in the late afternoon, after sleeping, in closed and heated rooms, and on the right side.  Symptoms are better in open air, from being uncovered, and from cold baths/showers.
  3. Arnica: Great for any traumatic injury from falls, blows, or contusions.  There may be a fear of being touched or approached.  There may be nervousness and oversensitiveness both physically and mentally/emotionally.  Wants to be left alone.  Symptoms are worse from even the least touch, from motion, from rest, from wine, and in damp cold.  Symptoms are better from lying down or with the head low.  NOTE: this remedy is wonderful to have on hand both in the pellet form and in a gel or cream for external use.
  4. Arsenicum: This remedy often has a sudden onset.  This is a food poisoning remedy par excellence.  There will be anguish and restlessness.  Also, there are fears of death, being alone, and in general.  There are burning pains or sensations and frequently unquenchable thirst.  Symptoms are worse in wet weather, after midnight, from cold, from cold drinks and food, at the seashore, and on the right side.  Symptoms are better from heat, with the head elevated, and from warm drinks.
  5. Gelsemium: This remedy has a gradual onset.  Key words to describe symptoms of Gelsemium are dull, dopey, droopy, dumb.  There is a desire to be quiet and alone.  The person is apathetic and listless.  Symptoms are worse in damp weather, in fog, before a thunderstorm, from emotion/excitement and bad news, from tobacco smoke, when thinking of ailments, and at 10am.  Symptoms are better when bending forward, by profuse urination, in open air, from stimulants, and from continued motion.
  6. Hepar SulphThis remedy is one to consider at the later stages of a cold that has yellow drainage.  These people are irritated at the slightest cause.  They may be dejected and sad.  Symptoms are worse from dry and cold winds, in cool air, from the slightest draft, from Mercury, from touch, and when lying on the painful side.  Symptoms are better in damp weather, from wrapping the head up, from warmth, and after eating.
  7. Hypericum: This remedy is great for injuries to the nerves, especially with the fingers, toes, and nails.  There can be melancholy and a feeling of being lifted high into the air.  Symptoms are worse in cold, in dampness, in fog, in a close room, from the least exposure, and from touch.  Symptoms are better by bending the head backward.
  8. Ignatia: This is the grief remedy.  There is a great deal of sighing and sobbing.  The person may silently brood.  Symptoms are worse in the morning, in open air, after meals, from coffee, from smoking, from liquids, and from external warmth.  Symptoms are better while eating and by changing position.
  9. Ledum: This is the first remedy to think of for puncture injuries whether from a dog bite, a spider bite, or stepping on a nail.  Wounded parts are often cold.  Symptoms are worse at night and from the heat of the bed.  Symptoms are better from cold, and by putting the feet in cold water.
  10. Nux Vomica: This remedy often has a sudden onset.  This is the remedy for when you’ve overdone something be it eating, drinking, or exercising.  Irritability is a key symptom.  These people cannot bear noises, odors, light, or other sensory stimuli.  Symptoms are worse in the morning, from mental exertion, after eating, from touch, from spices, from stimulants, from narcotics, in dry weather, and from cold.  Symptoms are better from a finished nap, in the evening, while resting, in damp/wet weather, and from strong pressure.
  11. Phosphorus: This remedy often has a sudden onset.  This is a great remedy for bleeding (use common sense as well).  The spirits are low and there is fearfulness and a great tendency to start.  Symptoms are worse from touch, from mental or physical exertion, in twilight, from warm foods and drinks, from a change of weather, from getting wet during hot weather, in the evening, when lying on the left or painful side, during thunderstorms, and while ascending stairs.  Symptoms are better in the dark, lying on the right side, from cold food, from cold in general, in open air, from washing with cool water, and from sleep.
  12. Pulsatilla: The person’s disposition and mental state are the guiding signs for Pulsatilla.  There is changeability.  The person may be sad and cry readily, often weeping while talking.  Symptoms are worse from heat, from rich and fatty foods, after eating, towards evening, in a warm room, when lying on the left or painless side and allowing the feet to hang down.  Symptoms are better from open air, from motion, from cold applications, from cold food and drinks (even if not thirsty).
  13. Rhus Tox: This remedy has a gradual onset.  This is a great chicken pox and measles remedy.  There is extreme restlessness with a need to continually change position.  There is great apprehension at night and the person cannot remain in bed.  Symptoms are worse during sleep, from cold, in and after rainy and wet weather, at night, during rest, from being drenched, and while lying on the back or right side.  Symptoms are better from warmth, in dry weather, from motion, from walking, from changing position, by rubbing, from warm applications, and from stretching limbs

3 Bonus Remedies for Babies and Children

The ABC’s for babies and children are Aconite, Belladonna, and Chamomilla.  This is because many childhood ailments can be helped by these three.  Since I included Aconite above, I am adding Calendula here as another great remedy to have on hand with kids.

  1. Belladonna: This remedy often has a sudden onset.  Guiding symptoms for belladonna include glassy, unfocused eyes, red cheeks, a strawberry look to the tongue, hallucinations, and often a high fever.  All of the senses are acutely heightened.  Toddlers may be biters.  Symptoms are worse from touch, from jarring, from noise, from drafts, after noon, and when lying down.  Symptoms are better by being semi-erect.
  2. Calendula: This is a great burn remedy whether from the sun or from heat.  Symptoms are worse in dampness, and from heavy/wet/cloudy weather.  NOTE: it is particularly good to apply externally as a wash or in the form of a gel or cream.  In fact, it is best to have it first on hand as an external remedy.
  3. Chamomilla: This remedy is great for teething, fussy and biting toddlers, and when the child tugs on or bangs part of the body that is bothering him/her.  The person is sensitive, irritable, thirsty, hot, and numb and is restless and whining.  They may ask for things and then refuse them once given.  Symptoms are worse from from heat, from anger, in open air, from wind, and at night.  Symptoms are better from being carried and in warm/wet weather.


Note: Everything here is for information only. This is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Seek a qualified medical professional.