Your health is always a top priority at Health Harmonized.  We feel it is important to clarify what we are doing at this time and our policies in dealing with COVID-19.

We are open for business and will remain so as an essential health and wellness resource for our clients and the community.

We clean regularly (and always have), but we are increasing our cleaning routine between clients.

We schedule breaks between appointments (again, we always have) to allow for it to just be the practitioner and client in the office at a time.

All practitioners wash their hands before and after every appointment for at least 30 seconds.

We request anyone who is sick to stay home.  We will not charge a cancellation fee for any person who cancels because they are sick.  It has and always will be like this here because we respect people who respect others.

As per MDHHS’s Executive Order, you are required to wear a mask if you can medically tolerate one.  Because we understand some people can and some cannot, we welcome all with or without masks inside to support our business.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.