“Just a 1-degree shift in your journey can bring you to a whole new world.”

Creating Lasting Changes

It is a new year!  We frequently start the year with amazing intentions.  Often, those intentions are not realistic for our lives and we fall off quickly.

So, how do we make lasting changes?

I have a few suggestions to help you get healthier this year than you may have been your whole life.

It all starts with small, manageable changes.  These add up.  These matter.  That baby step is still closer to your goal.

Did you know that a ship sailing across the ocean will reach an entirely different continent than it originally intended if there is just a 1-degree change in course?  It’s true.  Over the trip, a 1-degree shift means they could hit Europe instead of the intended Africa.

Why do I mention this?  Because it is the same with our journeys.  Small changes have a cumulative effect. 





Are you one of those beautiful souls who is always doing for others and never for yourself?

It is essential for you especially to make time for yourself.  I have always loved the image of a love pitcher.  You are filling everyone else’s cups from your pitcher.  However, what refills your pitcher so you can keep giving to others?

Self-care is a must for everyone!  It can look like what you need.  For some people, it is being alone.  For others, it is time with just one or two close friends.  For others, it is a party or larger gathering.

Whatever refills your love pitcher is something you should aim to do at least once a month as a resolution.  It will help all other resolutions be more successful because you will have a larger toolbox, a larger pitcher, a larger bag of tricks to give you more flexibility to face life and help others and yourself.

If anyone questions your need to take care of yourself, tell them it is your doctor’s orders!



Some 1-Degree Shifts

Here are some ideas for just that one thing you can make into a habit to create more health this year.  The goal isn’t to start all of them at once.  It is to pick one and really incorporate it into your daily life.


  • Switch from soda to water, kombucha, herbal tea, or juice (even if just one of your cans/bottles)
  • Switch your coffee for an herbal coffee (Teechino, Rasa, Dandy Blend, MUD/WTR, Crio Bru, CocoTropic)
  • Add a pinch of real, colorful sea salt to every glass of water
  • Find an exercise that works for you
  • Make sure to eat a rainbow of fruits and vegetables (8-12 servings daily)
  • Eat lots of healthy fats (5+ servings daily)
  • Ensure you are getting sunshine for vitamin D
  • Get outside in the fresh air daily
  • Include fermented, probiotic-filled foods
  • Include a quality multivitamin
  • Disconnect from social media and your devices to spend time in-person with friends and loved ones
  • Chew your food thoroughly and savor it.  Aim for 30 chews per bite or until the food changes taste
  • Try something new every month, week, or day: an activity, a fruit, a vegetable, other foods, exercises, books, etc




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