If you’ve read any of our Natural Solutions for series of articles, you’ve probably seen Color Therapy (also known as Colored Light Therapy) listed under Natural Therapies.  It is a frequent suggestion given by me.  Why?  Simply put: it is simple to use and is effective.  How is this so?  It may not seem like you are doing anything.  Technically, you aren’t.  You are sitting with colored light shining on you.  Yet, it is so much more.  To simply think of colored light as nothing is to think of other unseen frequencies like UVA and UVB rays from the sun or XRays as having no effect.  We know these unseen frequencies to have an effect; and it is the same for Color Therapy.



This image from NOAA gives a good idea how small our visible spectrum of light is on the electromagnetic spectrum.  We all understand UV, XRays, and even infrared waves all have an effect on us.  It is the same with colors.  Most people have a favorite color or a color to wear that makes them feel beautiful or powerful.  Advertisers and even restaurants play upon our reactions to colors.  Ever wonder why so many restaurants have reds and yellows?  They make us hungry.  There is no reason we cannot use these same ideas to help our bodies heal.



Using light for health is nothing new.  Arnold Rikli said, “Water is good; air is better, but light is best of all.”  He used his understanding of light to heal by using sunlight to help people heal themselves for 50 years starting in 1854.  His work was further vindicated (though not credited) in 1922 when Beth-Israel Hospital “discovered” the sun’s rays could cure tuberculosis of the glands, bones, other skin diseases, and speed up healing of surgical wounds–all of which Rikli had been doing 70 years prior.


I’ve previously talked about the importance of sunlight.  Color Therapy is similar, but instead of the pure, full spectrum of sunlight (notably, something no sunlight light system, SAD device, nor bulb can replicate), Color Therapy uses gels to address specific color deficiencies.  Like minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, we can develop deficiencies in the colors in the electromagnetic field surrounding our physical bodies.  These deficiencies can lead to illnesses.  By supplementing with Color Therapy, we can strengthen our body and the rest of the program we are using to attain health.


We’ve all heard about the electromagnetic field surrounding our bodies (sometimes called an aura), right?  Color Therapy helps to shore up any weak colors in the field.  It works from the outside in to the body (rather than from the inside out like herbs or the like).


This all sounds good so far, yes?  But what about the benefits?  There are many.  In fact, there are protocols ranging from burns to chronic kidney disease to coughs to anorexia–Color Therapy can address innumerable symptoms and dis-eases.  Different colors have different actions.  Warm colors are often building and stimulating while cool colors are relaxing and calming.


With this in mind, let’s consider some of the specific actions Colored Light can have on the body.

  • Stimulates the sensory system
  • Builds various organ systems
  • Relieves muscle spasms and cramps
  • Builds the nerves
  • Drives parasites out of the body
  • Builds bones
  • Builds muscles
  • Rebuilds burned skin
  • Relieves itching
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Calms overactive systems
  • Decreases pain sensitivity
  • Lowers/raises blood pressure
  • Lowers/raises body temperature
  • Equalizes/soothes/stimulates emotions
  • And many more…


So how do you use Color Therapy?  Health Harmonized offers Color Therapy as part of several of our therapies as well as offering specific Color Therapy sessions.  During these specific sessions, you can expect to remain fully clothed.  You will be on the table and can relax.  we will find the light you need, and it will be shined on you while we work over the body in your energetic field helping to clear blockages.  Most clients find this to be a very relaxing, centering session.  Even animals respond well to color therapy.



My cat, Osmolskae, loves his Color Therapy sessions.  We are on a program of light designed to help him with his chronic kidney disease.  He makes sure to move into the light and turns himself as he feels it necessary to have the light hitting where he likes it.  I have seen this in other animals as well.  Most will stay for the full 20-60 minute sessions happily relaxing in the light.  If the light is moved off them but still shining somewhere else, most animals actually move themselves to be back in the light.


Interested in coming in for a Color Therapy session?  Schedule your time today!


Color Therapy kits can be purchased to use at home as well.  In fact, they are my preferred method for clients needing/willing to use this wonderful healing modality.  If you are interested, let me know, and I can get you the pricing for your own Color Therapy kit.  The beauty of this is you can use it at home as often as you need and on all members of your family as well!


I hope this has helped to demystify this amazing therapy and has piqued your interest to trying it for yourself or a loved one.


Please don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment if you need further assistance.

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Note: Everything here is for information only. This is not meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition. Seek a qualified medical professional.


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