Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could find the perfect remedy, that magic pill, that would cure everything and you wouldn’t have to do any work?  It is a promise modern medicine often claims in their advertising, and while there are some situations this can be the case (like finding the simillimum for someone in homeopathy), more often change will require work, buckling down, and walking a new path.

Dr. Bessheen Baker, a naturopath for over 30 years, is fond of saying, “Health is not a flower you pick but a path you must follow.”  This is true.  The way you live your life by your choices for food, exercise, drink, mental attitude, connections, emotions, and other factors all combine to create your current health.  Life is all about the choices you make when you think about it.  Even our reactions to things are a choice (whether we realize it or not).  One of my favorite stories to illustrate this are tales from the concentration camps of the Jewish prisoners still making music, being kind to each other, sharing their meager food and possessions with each other, and some even able to maintain a modicum of happiness.  It is empowering to not be the victim of circumstances and to take steps to better yourself.

This idea is important to remember whenever you work with your naturopath or other wellness practitioners as well.  Choices and work.  Now, granted, it isn’t all hard, grueling, painful work and probably shouldn’t be.  However, it may mean ceasing to drink soda, drinking more water, paying more for pastured meats and organic foods, reading the ingredient labels and educating yourself so you understand them, and other diet and lifestyle changes.

When working with me, it also will mean working the program and letting me know if something is outside your current abilities.  There is no shame in saying no to a suggestion I make (there is no shame in saying no to any suggestion from any healthcare professional whether they are naturopathic or allopathic, by the by).  In fact, it helps me to tailor a program that will work for you.  This isn’t a magic pill program that anyone can do or should do.  This is YOUR program, and this means you need to be able to work it.  Period.  It may be a huge program because you are a crazy, gung-ho rock star with extra funds and the desire to make drastic changes.  However, this can also mean adding one change at a time because you need to go slowly for a myriad of reasons.  Jumping in with both feet first without looking may work for some of us, but others need time to make changes work into their lives.  There is no wrong way, unless you aren’t doing the program without allowing me to work with you to tweak it to work better for you.

This is the crux.  You are an active participant in your health–no matter which path you choose–because even the miracle pills from the physicians require you follow the program and take said magic pills.  Keep this in mind when you think you can’t do a program.  You already do, even if you’ve never thought of it or heard of naturopathy before.  Because every choice you make, your entire lifestyle, is your current program.

It is within your power.  You can make choices, acquire new habits, and change your health and entire life.

If you find you need your program tweaked after seeing me, I am always available via email or text and usually respond within 24 hours.  I am here to help you reach your goals, not to judge you because you find something we discussed too difficult to fit into your life currently.  If something isn’t working, for whatever reason, it is vital you let me know!

The path may seem long and hard, but just think of the view and the stories you’ll have!

You can do it.


If you need help, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment today.

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