Cancer.  It is often seen as a guaranteed death sentence.  This is often the case.  However, it doesn’t have to be.  Many different doctors and others have “cured” cancer in various ways.  Think this is just hogwash?  Well, consider if a cure for cancer was found, the pharmaceutical industries lose an almost $150 billion a year revenue stream.  Consider also the cancer “research” giants and what would happen to their revenue if a cure were put out there.  Cancer is an industry.  You can choose if you want to play ball on your own terms or continue on the medical system’s hamster wheel.

Even approaching cancer treatment from a natural perspective, it is important to know what you are really willing to do and what you aren’t.  Every sick person, with cancer or not, often will say “I would do anything to be better.”  This is not true.  Most people, even hitting rock bottom, struggle to make the huge lifestyle, dietary, emotional, and other changes necessary to beat cancer.  If you do not want to take charge of your own life and health, it may be better to stick with allopathic medicine offered by the common medical establishments of the AMA, AAP, FDA, and the big pharma companies.

Getting healthy is work.  Period.  You did not magically get sick overnight.  You got sick because of a lifetime of poor health choices either physically, dietarily, emotionally, or mentally.  I am sorry if this seems cruel or callous of me to put it so bluntly, but we’ve been trained to believe cancer just randomly strikes (along with other illnesses) and that we have no control over our health.  This is absolutely untrue. Even if you are making great health choices and doing everything right, do you work at a job that you really are appreciated at and feel deeply fulfilled at?  Do you harbor anger or hatred towards someone?  Are your healthy dietary choices governed by the horribly flawed food pyramid?  Are you vaccinated?  Whatever your personal views on vaccination, all vaccines include one or more cancer causing ingredients and some included cancer cells.  Don’t believe me?  Read it for yourself on the CDC’s own website.

People often look at natural solutions as a last resort. “I’ll try chemo first.” This is backwards. Natural solutions are going to look to build you, not bring you to the point of death just for a potential cure. Natural solutions should be looked at first. At the very least, don’t wait until you’ve been told you have weeks left! You have to take charge sooner. Yes, there are miracles where a person comes to a Naturopath in the last stages and completely recovers. However, this isn’t the norm. Often, those last minute Hail Marys don’t work but would have if done sooner. Give yourself the best fighting chance. You deserve it.

If you are really ready to do the work and face your own demons, here is a list of valuable sources of people and places who have cured cancer.  There is always hope, and if you’re willing to roll up your sleeves and make the changes necessary, you can get yourself healthy.  In the end, it is all up to you.  Others can help and offer guidance and advice, but you are the one who has to stop drinking coffee or eating soy or smoking.  You have to start educating yourself on the various cancer-causing things in our modern world and taking steps to mitigate your exposure.  You need to look inside and get better.


Methods/Doctors who’ve successfully worked with cancer (incomplete list):

• Dr. Hulda Clark

• Dr. William Kelley

• Alfredo Bowman (Dr. Sebi)

• Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski

• Dr. Royal Rife

• The Hoxsey Clinic

• Dr. Max Gerson

• Dr. Johanna Budwig

• Hippocrates Health Institute

• Optimum Health Institutes

• Dr. Julie Taguchi

• Dr. Philip Binzel

• Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez

• Dr. James Forsythe


I have faith in your abilities.  Do you?

As always, if you need more assistance, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment.


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