Feng Shui is an art, a philosophy, and a science.  It is the Chinese system derived from even older teachings from India (and possibly even other civilizations we don’t even know) using the energies in the physical environment to create a harmonious environment at all energetic levels (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual).  It means Wind and Water (the invisible and the elusive) in Chinese.  Its goal is to create balance and harmony in all areas and levels of a person and his environment.   It uses the universal ideas of fractals and “as above, so below”.  There are several various schools of thought on this, some being very strict and unapproachable and others, like the Black Hat Sect popular in the US, being more accessible, especially to our Western minds.  It analyzes and manipulates 9 different areas in life by using placement and intention.  All Feng Shui schools use a bagua map and some use compasses for direction and other information.

Above is the map used by the Black Hat Sect.  The entrance side is always somewhere in the bottom row and you orient the bagua on your house based on that.

There is a great deal of information here, but the most important thing to realize with Feng Shui, and often the easiest place to start, is cleanup, decreasing clutter, and keeping your home in good repair is vital.

One of the best things to remember to create good energy in your home (and your life) is to only keep those things you need, use, or love.  Everything else should be let go.

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What do you think?  Is it time to reconsider how your home serves your life, dreams, and health?

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