We realize that light affects us when we think of things like SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), however many of us do not realize the profound influence light has on our health—both for good and bad. Let’s consider the good things:

• Color therapy light helps to bring the body back into balance.
• Sunlight (real, natural sunlight) helps balance hormones, it is the only way we produce vitamin D (even with supplementation, sunlight is needed to turn it into usable vitamin D).
• Sunlight helps to regulate the body for sleep and moods.

Currently, we are facing an epidemic of mal-illumination. Mal-illumination is the lack of sunlight (full-spectrum, UVB and UVA containing sunlight). Coupled with this lack of natural light, we have created artificial lights that cause and exacerbate health issues. All artificial light is not good for us in some way or another, however fluorescent lights are particularly bad. Fluorescent lights do not have much of the visual spectrum of light. Additionally, they produce a hum and the pitch of this hum is one that isn’t healthy for the human body.

Comparing different spectrums, we can see a huge difference:
sunlight Sunlight

neodymium Neodymium type (Chromalux, GE Reveal, etc.)

ottlite OttLite (advertised as full-spectrum)

While standard, household, incandescent bulbs are similar to sunlight in that there are no emission gaps or peaks, they are weighted considerably toward the red end of the spectrum. Nonetheless, until dichroic reflector bulbs (or LEDs) are developed to a better level, it is recommended to use household bulbs where necessary, and of course sunlight through open windows when possible.

Additionally, it is vital to get outside without any sun protection a few times a week for a few minutes each time. This helps to let our bodies produce vitamin D. The recommended time is half the time it takes for you to turn pink—this varies based on skin color. So you will not burn or even tan from this exposure.

Finally, we offer color therapy to help bring up the frequencies that are low or missing in your aura. It is a relaxing, quiet, meditative experience. The charge for an hour of color therapy is $80.

In the end, we are truly children of light and are affected greatly by the quality of light we expose ourselves to.

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